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Icon of Perfection


FCB Parners chose Terminal Loudpictures for Colnago C-68 launch.
We had the pleasure to work with Giulia Linguanti, Gianluca Belmonte, respectively Creative Production Coordinator and Creative Director, finding the best solution to communicate the evolution of Colnago models.

The CGI parts showing the transformation from Colnago C-64 to Colnago C-68 has been produced by Toboga, a post production studio in Milan, while the live action parts has been shot around Como Lake, from Valmadrera to Mandello del Lario coast, and inside the Colnago Factory in Cambiago, Milan.

A special thanks to the amazing Matt Stephens who perfectly represents the soul and the craftmanship of Colnago during the shooting days.

Executive Producer

Luca Callori Di Vignale


Michele Mortara

Line Producer

Filippo Marciano

Production Assistant

Antonio Cavallini



Camera Operator A

Giovanni Fogu

Camera Operator B

Giacomo Venturini

Camera Operator C

Andrea Miranda

Special Guest

Matt Stephens

Product Supervisor

Stefano Oldrati