The italian region of Puglia —white-stoned, Adriatic, the heel or spur of the boot—is best known as the land of the olive tree. Every family seems to tend at least one, but there are tens of thousands more dotting the hills, slopes, and fields of this chilled-out corner of Italy.

Puglia’s most beautiful and prominent towns are pressed gorgeously against the coast or else located a matter of miles inland. For this, think Ostuni. Elsewhere, there’s Locorotondo, a village whose name rolls bubblingly off the tongue. Calm and quiet, it’s the perfect place to lose yourself. For years, we’ve adored Borgo Egnazia, a hotel that might better be considered a commune or a sprawling ancient village. The masseria-style hotel is typical in the region, but Borgo takes that sensibility to glorious new heights.

The italian region of Puglia is the perfect location for your next video project. For more breathtaking location stay tuned.

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