Enjoy Topps Behind The Scenes video and best frames.

Director Peter Lydon and Guest Star Josè Mourinho – Topps Behind The Scenes.

We are happy to announce that the newest commercial for the Topps Sticker Album with Josè Mourinho is finally out and here it is our Topps Behind The Scenes.

We celebrate the legendary football coach Josè Mourinho, a new testimonial for the Toops Sticker Album. 
Among many other things we provided for this commercial, I want to focus on the three main thing.

Topps Behind The Scenes | LOCATION SCOUTING

The atmosphere we had to recreate was a temple of Mourinho’s greatness. As one of the most efficient and dynamic Service Production Company in Italy, we provided more than 50 possible locations where to shoot. Of course, as you can see, this one was the best place to recreate the atmosphere the director wanted.


In Italy, we have a wide range of actors and models we can propose for a shooting. For this ad, we had to find a “funny guy”. The tricky thing for this commercial was that we had to find a native English speaker with no particular accent. We presented auditions and self-tapes of more than 15 actors


Finding the best crew for your project is the most essential part of pre-production, so we’ll take a good look at the different ways to optimize the budget while maintaining the highest quality possible. We organize, we simplify, we produce it!

Topps Behind The Scenes

It has been a great project with an amazing team.
Thanks for the fun and the vibe.

See you soon