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AROUND represents a guide of the most extraordinary Italian locations for your next shooting.
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Take a seat, relax and enjoy the journey around Dolomites, and other most unique locations for your production in Italy.

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Around Locations - Dolomites

Our service unit production can offer you a wide range of high-quality facilities to shoot in Italy.
This time we would love to take you on a journey to discover the amazing atmosphere of the DOLOMITES.
Dolomites are a mountain range located in northeastern Italy. 
European production companies flock to the Dolomites for astonishing modern interior design and sublime natural settings.
Come with us to find out why these locations can bring your project to another level. 

TERMINAL is proud of its heritage with over 22 years of experience and excellence in servicing the very best international clients and bringing added value to any project thanks to the exclusiveness of our Locations and our expertise.

Close by

Only Italy can offer you such a varied range of locations close by.
Terminal service production can provide you with more than you can ever imagine for your next shoot.

A sneak peeks of the best places around the Dolomites area in Trentino: lakes, mountains, pathways, “borghi”, bridges, roads for your shooting…
All the locations you have always dreamed of in one place.

Around Locations - Exterior

Close by

From fashion icons to timelessly elegant architecture, for all the world, Italian is synonymous with beauty and style.
Italian production companies come here for the modern and fresh to achieve that impression of effortless chic.

Around Locations - Interior

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Dolomiti Film Festival and Trentino Film Festival are two of the most important festival in the north of Italy.  They are environmental film festivals dedicated to Green productions. It will include a competition of short films from all over the world, meetings, and events aimed at protecting nature and promoting mountain culture.


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Here’s a selection of actors and models. A wide range of multicultural faces we can offer you for your next project.

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Terminal is working on something big!
We are working as a service partner with an international production company to achieve the best results. We are providing Location scouting, professional crews and creative solutions to find the perfect balance for your budget.

We are approaching a shoot in Rome with a very special guest star. Curious to find it out? Stay tuned. 
In the meantime have a look at all the amazing location scouting we did in the last few weeks. 👇 Click here for a preview. And stay tuned for other news.

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