Terminal Loudpictures presents “Terminal Magazine” for summer season 2021, a selection of movie fashion and music in Italy.

Movies at night in Bologna 

We can’t start our selection of movies fashion and music events in Italy without mentioning Bologna: a summer all about movies and cinema.
Kicking off in June, the Biografilm Festival is an international film festival which investigates the new trends of international documentary and fiction as well as focusing on the most relevant and emerging talents and topics. 

But it doesn’t end here: each year during the festival, Bologna’s Parco del Cavaticcio, not only offers daily open air concerts, DJ sets, performances and parties, bringing together the best of Italian and international indie acts, but is also home to the Biografilm Food District, where it’s possible to enjoy a wide selection of culinary offerings, including local dishes and international cuisine. 

Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

If you are a Cinema lover, after Biografilm festival, every night from June to August, in Piazza Maggiore, the heart of the city, you can enjoy many classic silent films with live orchestras and the most surprising latest films all in their original language with Italian and English subtitles in front of Europe’s largest screen.

Movies, Fashion and Music events:
Street Art in Dozza, Bologna.

A not-to-miss street art tour brings you just 20 km away from Bologna in one of Italy’s prettiest villages.
Nestled in rolling hills of white vineyards, Dozza is an authentic secret place which offers a unique feature to discover: the murals. But they are not ‘illegal’, in fact every two years in September, during a dedicated event, internationally famous artists  come to paint murals on the walls of houses in the historic center giving it an open-air art gallery feel. 
In recent years, even the near town of Toscanella was involved in this event, that now consists of two poles: Dozza for the murals and Toscanella for graffiti and street art.

Street Art Village: Dozza, Bologna

Music and Fashion in Florence

July in Florence is all about MusArt Festival, one of Italy’s most important Festivals for outdoor music, concerts and contemporary art.
The fair takes place in the beautiful Piazza della Santissima Annunziata, right in the heart of Florence.

The fair is a great opportunity to visit gorgeous Florence, as many events are held in some of the most beautiful corners and palaces of the city.
For example Firenze Hometown of Fashion, celebrating the huge connection between Florence and the world of fashion, will be staged in the wonderful setting of the Cloister of Santa Maria Novella as inauguration party of the fair. 

This year’s calendar also features a Gucci Garden party in the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia, which dates to 1337 and since 2011 has served as the Gucci Museum, a multipurpose, hyper-layered, kaleidoscopic creative space. 
To top off the experience, three-Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura is in charge of Gucci Osteria, where one can recover from the sensory overload with an esoterically designed four-course menu.

Gucci Osteria in Florence

On the footsteps of the Medici family

Our trip through history movies fashion and music events in Italy To take a break from the crowded Florence, why not visit some of The Medici villas: a series of rural building complexes scattered on the hills surrounding the city, which were owned by members of the Medici family. 
The first villas were fortified houses built in the 14th century in the Mugello region, the original home of the Medici family. The later ones are outstanding examples of Renaissance and Baroque architecture, and were often accompanied by meticulously designed Italian gardens where you can a take a stroll surrounded by lush vegetation and fountains.

The Medici Villas in Florence

UEFA Euro 2020 in Rome

As you may know, this summer the UEFA Euro Championship takes place. The city of Rome, together with the whole of Italy, is honored to host 4 matches of the first European championship in history traveling around Europe, including the opening match. We believe that it is an excellent signal for a country that is restarting after the difficulties we are all aware of.

The Italian authorities have opened the stadiums up to 25% of the total capacity, thanks to the epidemiological curve in sharp decline. All anti-covid restrictions have been officially lifted.

Not only movies fashion and music events in Italy:
step into an outdoor movie set.

Did you know that during the last lockdown, especially during the months of March and April, they were counted more than 230 movie sets all around the streets of Rome? More than every other city in Europe. As the Oscar-winner director Paolo Sorrentino says “It’s incredible: it is as if Rome woke up suddenly. During the pandemic, the streets were empty and it was like walking on an outdoor movie set in the heart of the Eternal City. Now the city has come back to life, there is a great desire for redemption and carefree, you can breathe the atmosphere of Fellini’s Dolce Vita. Rome can and must return the capital of cinema.

Famous set of Gladiator film, in Cinecittà

The famous set in Cinecittà of Ancient Rome were the “Gladiator” was filmed