“The economic value added is an estimate of a firm’s economic profit, or the value created in excess of the required return of the company’s shareholdres. The idea is that value is created when the return on the firm’s economic capital employed exceeds the cost of that capital.”  

Economic added value

I’m Luca Callori di Vignale. CEO of Terminal Loudpictures.

 In all my 22 years as a producer, this is the first time that I have addressed you, friends, colleagues and clients, directly, in this way. I have met many of you in person, and we’ve shaken hands. Today, of course, that is not so possible. 

 A commercial producer is a creative leader, one whose mission is to create added value. Sometimes we call it ‘production value’. 

 The last two decades have already seen great changes in our industry. In production, the biggest revolution has been the transition from analogue to digital. When I started out, shooting film meant exactly that. A can of 16mm or 35mm film had a tangible weight – and a hefty cost. Now video production is digital. We have moved to the ethereality of cloud content sharing and distribution.

 Image-making technology is more accessible than ever. There is no longer such a high technical barrier to entry. Filmmaking is no longer a priesthood. Our industry is now more diverse and open than ever. These are things to celebrate.

 The processes of high-level production can still seem complex. But with proper training and workflows in place, technology, now more than ever, can enable talent, vision and enterprise to flourish.

 Digitization has lightened the financial (and environmental) burden. The reduced cost of digital vs film gives creators the possibility to experiment more without suffering economic damage. This is not, of course, to reduce the process to one of unlimited ‘trial and error’. It means that as image makers and visual story tellers we are now able to turn the kaleidoscope on the ideas we are exploring more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.

 An exchange of values takes place in this process which goes beyond the question of mere economics. We do not see ourselves as suppliers, but partners. Our goal is always the successful and cost-effective execution of your concept. This added value comes from a process: of support, advice, discussion and creation, carried out with artistry, effectiveness and insight.

 This is the concept on which Terminal was founded, and from which it takes its name: Terminal is a hub of production that acts as a point of arrival and departure at the same time. We create added value with you. We encode this ethos during every stage of the process of development, production and delivery. Everything we do is geared to raise the perception of your brand, your product, your story. To add value.

 In our industry, as in all others, we evolve, while staying true to our principles. We invest in change, and build on our shared experiences. We re-invent, re-create, restore and rebuild.

 Terminal is an arrival point and a place of departure. We are ready for new adventures.

 With all best wishes