Our aim has always been to make our professionalism available to meet the challenges of the present. For this reason, we have worked for a long time and with great commitment on an innovative idea according to the needs of today’s communication industry, creating a “spin-off” entirely dedicated to the digital communication world.

Our everyday life is invaded by photo and video content, increasingly conveyed by the web and social media.

 Digital agencies, social media managers and communication professionals are therefore responding to an ever-increasing demand for web contents. And it is to them that we have decided to turn, offering a professional and smart tool for the production of photos and videos, a valid alternative to the use of stock materials.

 Set Up Production was born in this period of uncertainty, but thanks to the commitment of our entire team, we were able to give life to such an ambitious project: we have created a network of hundreds of professionals throughout Italy. This allows us to contact workers within the client’s region, avoiding problems related to the current health emergency and possible more stringent restrictions on travel.

 This is a point that makes the difference and is a further added value to the project: thanks to our experience as a production company, we can guarantee the quality of the products in all phases of processing, from organization to delivery of the material.

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