This year has been crazy for everyone, but from adversity comes opportunity.
Many companies worked to create a way to shoot from remote…


We developed a remote shooting system that works both indoors and outdoors.
Remote shooting offers many opportunities the industry hadn’t considered before:

 Notable reduction in expenses regarding travel and logistics
 Fewer people on set means fewer people to manage
Clients can check the work from their office
Locations are accessible to everyone

 We’re all on the same boat, that’s why our international producers are here to help you:
We can easily travel between cities and regions,
We have the expertise to reach your objectives!

  Here, we can scout locations for you and report to you in under 48hours.
Such as:


Northern Italy. Capital of the province of Treviso, sometimes called “little Venice”, Treviso is bathed by several canals, all originating from the division into branches (called “cagnani”) of Botteniga. 

 The city stands near the Piave River, on the plain between the Gulf of Venice and the Alps, at the confluence of Botteniga with the Sile.

  Take the chance, make the leap:
we can work together from afar!
We can shoot from remote: