We outlined a new brand identity, born from an in-depth research on our values and objectives. This creative path was undertaken at a particularly important time, as Terminal Loudpictures decided to look towards the future and establish itself as a holding company able to host several projects.
Brainstorming, sharing ideas and aspirations, have made it possible to identify a series of crucial values for our team. We started from a long list that we then polished in order to identify four main keywords, the four concepts that guided the creation of this new brand identity: 

MARBLE: the solidity, strength and reliability of the company;

HOLON: a system that has its own individuality, but is also part of a more complex and larger system;

HUNTER: speed, dynamism, teamwork and a clear aim;

RESILIENCE: the capacity of adapting to harsh environments and of facing difficulties, fundamental in order to achieve the best results for the most ambitious projects;

From all of this a visual concept was born, which was then condensed into a short and amazing video!