In Italy, there are over 6,000 abandoned villages. Glocal Community is a project that aims to revalue, restructure and repopulate these villages. The village of Chiapporato in the province of Bologna will be the forerunner. Starting from here with the ambition to grow further on a European scale.
The founding values of the project are: Bread, Peace and Freedom. Glocal Community deeply believes in the importance of the primary rights of home and food in a perspective of social, individual and collective responsibility.

Glocal Community combines public wellbeing and private initiatives to create a totally innovative way of living in harmony with the surrounding environment.
In each renovated village there will be sharing spaces for the community, dining areas and a commonplace of worship. The houses will be owned by the municipality but the family will still live its space in a private way deciding, for example, to leave the house to their children.
The village will be repopulated by families and people motivated to create a kind community that is self-sufficient thanks to new technologies in the field of renewable energy. The community will live in a climate of freedom and research. The differences in origin, religions, cultures and sexual identity will be enriching factors.

Glocal Community was born from the need to experience new ways of living individual spirituality and put it at the service of the community. The village will create a community always open and enriched by new stimuli thanks to the presence of a hostel that will host wayfarers, tourists and temporary residences. There will also be a constant presence of a training centre in many fields. The inhabitants will be able to attend courses on responsible and spiritual tourism, organic farming, permaculture, building renovation and many others.

But this is only the beginning, Glocal Community is already active to imagine a future in which the villages, in synergy with local companies, will have a welfare function with respect to neighbouring cities. Such as reception for people displaced by catastrophic events, health retreats for illnesses caused by harsh climates and pollution, cutting-edge systems for the detention of prisoners or as places of research and thought.
Glocal Community, thinks global acts local.