The neighbours: the campaign for the Italian brand D.IT (Distribuzione Italiana), which incorporates Sigma, Sisa and Coal is brought to life thanks to Lessismore and Terminal Production for the re-launch of the dedicated product line.

“The neighbours” is the new campaign involving Sigma, Sisa and Coal supermarkets. The conceptual idea was born inside the agency Lessismore and consists in three neighbours that meet in the elevator.

A series of films that make us reflect on relationships, on how little we actually know our neighbours and the many things we have in common with them. Sharing is here an occasion to meet in our flat, to go out of our homes and get close with our “gourmet” neighbour.

The new commercials for D.IT are on air and are directed by Lars Blumers, who is known for his comical but never ordinary tones. He gave the spot a more realistic and close feeling. Produced by Terminal Production, shot in Bologna, these commercials are a project that resembles the concept behind “neighbours” and leads the supermarkets in their launching of the new product lines dedicated respectively to “Gusto & Passione”, “Equilibrio & Piacere” and “Verdemio”.

The three films with a duration of 30” tell the story of Mr. Gusto & Passione, a demanding man with clear ideas of what he likes, who never agrees to compromise with quality; Mrs Verdemio, idealist and caring mother, careful towards all the little things and who always sets a good example; and Miss Equilibrio & Piacere who is always smiling and in a good mood. She is very careful about what she eats which must be tasty and healthy: she is the portrait of happiness.