2018: the European year of

What does it mean to come from a rich and diverse country? What does it mean to pass wisdom and traditions from generation to generation?
What can be defined as culture? These are among the numerous questions that the Council of Europe set to each member of the Union upon creating this international event.
Every region in Italy has its own characteristics and the aim of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is to highlight the diversity of each territory while keeping in mind that our differences make us unique.

The region Emilia Romagna decided to celebrate the European Year of cultural heritage organising a vast variety of events. Open museums, art exhibitions, theatre fairs, film and documentary festivals…a rich plethora of appointments, crafted from and for the people. Occasions to share and get to know the culture that lives through arts and crafts of every kind.

Music, Theatre, Cinema

Bologna, Parma, Ravenna, Rimini and many other cities have much to offer from now until the end of the year in terms of entertainment: come and discover Andy Warhol and the works that shaped contemporary art as we know it. Have an augmented reality experience through the historical streets of Piacenza, where music will be your guide through the rich history of the city. Discover regional talents in the field of independent documentaries and national talents in the cinema industry

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FICO: learn new ways to enjoy

Food is culture and a source of history and thus, pride. Whatever the place may be, food is a means of communication and in Italy above all, it’s a reason to get people together. 
Bologna took this mission at heart and became the host of the biggest food market on the globe, creating FICO Eataly World. Easy to come by and easy to visit, you can either choose to have a stroll or even go on a bicycle ride and do your groceries while pedalling through markets and sellers of every kind.

Rows of organic and biological foods as far as the eye can see, bars, restaurants, food trucks, farm animals. But also interactive shows which aim to guide you through the discovery of the ever-existing relationship between man and food. In fact, didactics is also a major feature of FICO: here you will see how tortellini, panettone and many other Italian delicacies are made – everything right in front of your eyes. 

Christmas, Christmas time

As winter approaches, almost every city and town in Emilia Romagna will take part in the magical vibe that surrounds the Christmas holidays. Artisanal products, local food, warm pastries and sweet wine will warm up your heart and soul in the many beautiful town centres that participate to make this time of the year unforgettable. And while you are there, why not pretend to be walking through a medieval town like in Grazzano Visconti or Castell’Arquato?

Ancient traditions and modern times

If you are visiting the Bel Paese, nativity scenes are something to behold: originated in Italy, and more precisely in Greccio (Lazio), nativity scenes literally burst everywhere during Christmas holidays and there is one almost in every home. There are ancient ones, like in the Cathedral of Santo Stefano in Bologna and peculiar ones, like the one floating on the waters that touch the city centre of Cesenatico.

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Between Emilia Romagna and Toscana

Nothing says Autumn like a good glass of wine accompanied by some chestnuts. More so if it’s savoured in a typical cantina or while gazing at a beautiful scenery like the one you can only find among the many hills of Emilia Romagna and Toscana. Painted bright yellow, orange and red, the mountains and little towns of this region are genuine wonders that have served as locations for many films and series that were set in times long gone.

While you’re at it…

While you wait for warmer days to come again, why not soak into one of the many relaxing hot springs scattered throughout the territory? Enlighten your senses in the many spas and thermal centres of Emilia Romagna and ToscanaSalsomaggiore Terme, a locality already known to Celts and Romans, is the wise encounter between architecture and nature where the benefits of the hot waters are accompanied by an authentic feast for the eyes.

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