During the last days, Terminal Production has hosted in their offices the polish pasta brand Malma together with the director Lukasz Zadrzynski, who chose the wonderful and tiny town San Leo as a shooting location for their new tv commercial.

The aim was to bring the italian flair directly to the consumer. For that occasion a typical italian festa became the main attraction of the medieval town square. Two young polish Chefs arrived and cooked some delicious pasta for the sceptical inhabitants – the challenge was to convince them that Malma Pasta is at least as good as the real italian one.

As a Service Company who has coordinated the relations between Poland and Italy, Terminal Production is grateful towards all inhabitants from San Leo, who have supported the project. Thanks to the great collaboration from all sides we were able to reach this important goal.


Director: Lukasz Zadrzynski
DOP: Marian Prokop
Executive Producer: Luca Callori di Vignale
Producer: Isabelle Jordy