Every new project is a challenge, but some are more than others…starting with the product!
Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII gave a very clear brief: raise awareness on hungry’s emergency but without bothering the usual communication media.
Terminal won the challenge of proposing a creative idea that convinced and thrilled the entire Association.

That’s why Terminal expanded itself, welcoming a pair of creative freelance – Annalisa Ventura, Valerio Baruzzi – and Saul Saguatti, filmmaker, video artist and performer. Thanks to the pixelation technique, an unmistakable sign of his style, he succeeded in giving the spot an added value.
It was true teamwork, a lot of members of the Association attended in first person the realization of the spot. Together we turned the urgent need to communicate a moving and touching message into strong, captivating and fast images.
But what about the actors? To whom was the communication committed?
A plate! A plate is the protagonist of the spot, a plate that runs through the streets, the countries and the Nations to achieve just one goal: to fill up …with one meal a day [un pasto al giorno], every day!
And while the plate runs on TV: thanks to the staff and to all those who helped the Association Papa Giovanni XXIII to fill up with “One meal a day” [Un pasto al giorno]!
Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXXlll, all its members and volunteers.
Fundraising office: Marco Panzetti, Max Arrigoni, Francesca Maroni and Marcello Mustardino.
Executive Producer Luca Callori, Producer Karina Spallatti, First a.d. Irene Caselli, Sound Design by Expressive Workshop.