And…here we are again to talk about Mirabilandia: this time it’s Divertical’s turn, the highest water coaster in the World!! As we said early in the previous post, this is the second spot we produced for the notorious Park. Broadcasted one week later, the protagonists of this commercial are a little bit different from the i-Speed ones: here we have the ‘family situation’. The kids are totally overwhelmed by the breathtaking ride on the roller coaster, a no-stop beating heart. Enjoy the spot and have fun with us!

Produced by the Executive Producer Luca Callori, Producers Sofia Lo Presti and Karina Spallatti, directed by Horst Czenskowski, DOP Fabio Casati, the music was composed by the bolognese composer Jan Maio and the post-production was committed to EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani.
A big thanks for a big crew that collaborated for this project: first and second a.d. Irene Caselli and Valerio Frattini, Production Coordinator Gregorio Maraschini, Production Assistant Chiara Trere’, Unit Manager Elisa Delogu, Stylist Vivian Lorca, Make-up and hair stylist Regina Pancaldi e Pierangela Biasi.