We can finally share with all of you a couple of corporate videos we’ve been working on last months. They both have to do with food: EuroCompany, leader of the production and marketing of dried-fruit, is the first one. If you want to know where it gets the best dried-fruit and nuts from, you can have a look at the corporate animation we made for them. A mix of animation and graphic design driven by cheerful music makes it a real pleasure to get introduced to their products. The Executive Producer is Luca Callori di Vignale, producer Martine Thuis and post-production by Terminal.

Molini Pivetti is the second one. It’s not the first time for Terminal to shoot in a kitchen for a very big food brand and this time it’s PIVETTI’s turn.
Here you can see an extract of the several video recipes Terminal shot in Master Pivetti, a studio entirely designed for the qualification of professionals into the World of Flour.
We followed the entire preparation of different dishes, from the mixture to the final result and realized several tutorials.

But P doesn’t stand just for Pivetti. “P” stands for Passion and Pleasure as for Pasta and Pizza. This is the meaning of the involving video we shot for Molini Pivetti.
Terminal visited several cities, from the North to the South of Italy, including Venice, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Naples to show and prove how important high-quality cooking is in Italy, a feature that unites people.