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Thomas Rusch

Thomas Rusch is a German photographer and artist living between Berlin, Hamburg and Paris.
He’s been working as a beauty and fashion photographer since the late 1980s. His first publication was a series of portraits at Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festivalpublished in weekly magazine Stern.
At the end of the 1990s Thomas Rusch’s portraits of well-known celebrities were published in magazines like Zeitmagazin, Der Spiegel, Max and GQ. From the late 1990s he worked as a beauty- and fashion photographer and published his work in indie publications like Soon, Tank, and Oyster, as well as in numerous international fashion- and lifestyle magazines. Rusch shot campaigns (e.g. for Ray Ban, Beck’s, Seat).
His images are highly influenced by the free worldspirit of the seventies, representing an image of a self-confident woman, as well as apparent opposites.

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