Terminal Production Bologna Italia

Hinrich Pflug

When Hinrich left his small, cosy northern german hometown and moved to Berlin to study Social and Economic Communications, he didn’t even think that he would become a director one day.
But his life took a different turn when he started an internship at the Production Company Laszlo Kadar Film.
He gained a lot of experience and began directing music videos, which became one of his passion. Later he got his first chance in the Commercial Field with VW and the new 21st century Beetle where he shot a wild, weird and rock’n’roll film in L.A which became a great success.
His work continued with collaborations with other brands such as VW GTI, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, Red Bull or Sprite.
He thinks that each project is a new look onto an existing identity and he believes in creating tailor-made films that always have emotional impact.


From this Director: